Tips for Authors & Writers To Improve Your Writing Style.

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8 Tips for Enhancing Your Writing Style

To be a better writer, you need to know how to be candid and transparent, while also setting up your own stamp on your writing. Check these eight writing tips that will enhance your writing style:

Be candid in your writing.

Try to be clear and compact. Lose filler words, like redundant adverbs and prepositional phrases, utterly take up space and pull a sentence down. Say precisely what you mean in the most direct way.

Tips to improve writing style blog

Choose your words judiciously.

There are many ways to write a sentence, and there are various words you can pick to communicate the same idea. Always choose the easier of two words. Use common vocabulary instead of lofty words from the English language. Simple words are more direct and easier for all readers to read. Use a thesaurus if you need a little help getting a replacement or a more natural way to say something.

Tips to improve writing style blog

Short sentences are more compelling than long sentences.

A story loses steam with verbiage. Short sentences are easier to perceive, something that bookworms appreciate. Avoid trying to pack too much into a line. Every sentence should include one thought or idea.

Compose short paragraphs.

Keep your paragraphs short and flexible. Each one should consist of sentences that underpin the same idea. Short paragraphs are more comfortable to digest. They also build a more visually appealing arrangement on the page. Usually, academic writing consists of lengthier paragraphs, as there is a need for it as per the theme. In less formal writing, shorter paragraphs are the norm.

Tips to improve writing style blog

Play with the active voice.

Use the active voice and stick to subject-verb-object sentence formation. It’s the most direct path to making your point. With the active voice, the text is doing something, which is more appealing than the passive voice, in which something is being done to the subject. The passive voice might be grammatically correct, but it creates long, complex sentences and is a more flaccid way of presenting the information.


Review and edit your work.

Proofreading your first draft should be the first step in your editing process before you hand your story over to a professional editor. Compress your writing, check your word selection and sentence structure, and hone your voice to improve your style.

Use a natural, conversational tone.

Your writing style relies on your own, individual voice. Communicate in your comfort zone. In other words, write as you converse. Develop ideas with your original thoughts and voice, and do your best to avoid clichés. Your writing style should reflect your personality.


Read famous authors

Pick up any book by Mark Twain, Maya Angelou, and you’ll know about the writing styles that work, simply by the tone of the story and the words they use. Great writers put a mark a stamp on their writing with a signature style. Learning how other writers create their style is helpful and then you do the same with your own writing.

Build your unique style but remember to use these above-mentioned tips.


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