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Annapurna Ranges


Phewa Lake Side Pokara

Well, it is always stunning to travel and be at peace with you! My recent visit to Nepal in Jan 2016 felt solace with my soul….

Annapurna Ranges – Himalayan Ranges from a charter view


It was a chilly season full of unexpected weather, snow, rains and of course smokes. No to miss is the wondrous Himalayas and gigantic Annapurna ranges.I would love to relish more on food today! Nepal is rich in food and variants of ingredients used to cook such mouth watering dishes. The food in Nepal is scrumptious. From my first meal, that is – breakfast I was cheery. As belonging to a country where there is are a bountiful diversity of food, here I got different taste and culture.

Nepali Khana


Nepal offers you food that has huge influences of Thai, Indian, Tibetan and Korean and European cuisines.To try the dishes are – Traditional Thali, Nepali Dal Bhaat, Tarkari Bhaji and of course, the momos.


Come have a look with me the array of cuisines, we ate in Nepal. The long walk on the streets on Kathmandu, exploring Thambel where we stayed in a beautiful Hotel – Hotel Vaishali, came across quite a good cafeteria and restaurants. I enjoyed an assortment of food that in indulged in the aura of Western meals.

Soothing Aura of the Restaurants


I personally loved the fresh cold potato and sauté tomato served with breakfast, which is startling. Moreover, I was a fan of the spiced chutney served with quite a number of dishes. It has a tangy, yet sour, yet spicy taste. An Icing on the cake are the omelets, they were the winner all the time. Especially the cheese soaked to the skin often served with the crispy roll.

Momos are not traditionally Nepalese food, but you will be amazed to see momos of different flavor here. They were available from the high-end cafes to the local market. Veg and Non-veg both.



Haaa. I with my kiddo went momo mad. Again the added up flavor was the chutney and the sauce, Oh my-my.


Coming to Dinner. Dal Bhaat, tarkari, vegetable fried rice were common. A proper Newari dish. I relished it at Gorkhana House Kathmandu

Gorkhana House – Traditional Dish

I went mad to try out all kind of dishes, then finally tried pork, beef, various meat dishes, baked veggies, and not to miss are the burgers…Nepal has a very different savor of bakery items, the huge veg burger made my stomach full for almost the entire day. I had it in Pokhara..OMG

banana pan cake

I tried eating at almost every café, and then in Pokhara it started raining while walking on the streets full of colors, to hide ourselves from chilly weather, entered a European style cum latin architecture café –Lake side Pokhara, where we had hummus with Nan. Ahah, for a coffee buff like me.I happen to have my cuppa of coffee in Pokhara. The instant and the espresso were appealingly nice. In Pokhara I saw Himalayan Arabica beans, went over-excited to have it, trust me guys, it was a blessed day! Then I tried caramel coffee the – Illy Coffee, went gaga over it again …


For the rest of my stay in Nepal, I choose caramel coffee over anything. Relishing it on the lake side cafes and shacks on the banks of dazzling Phewa lake in Pokhara.  The view was gorgeous.



Last but not the least, there were banana pancakes and cakes in Pokhara. Now as I’m gaining some pounds, I tried to resist but no use, raging sweet-tooth and die-hard cake aficionado, the view made me greedy.

pan cake
Banana Pan Cake


Out-of-the-way are the rooftop with twinkling pixie lights speckled all over the cafes and restaurants. Apart from food Nepal is all about a pretty, petite and cute cafe with marvelous views, eye-catching interiors and the bustling lake scene. Nepal is a great place to linger over your food.

LakeSide Shacks


Do pay a visit to magnificent Nepal!

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Never been to height! Scared? Don’t Be! Join Hands with me and explore one destination for now!

Triund is the coronet gemstone of Dharamshala, positioned in the lap of Dhauladhar Mountains, it has the faultless view of the Dhauladhar mountains on one side and Kangra valley on the another.


Triund is a very fashionable trekking spot. Triund creates a center of attention to a lot of tourists every year from India and all over the globe. With my last trip to Triund trek, I can definitely say that it is mesmerizing peak in ode of nature and can be portrayed as a serene trek which can be effortlessly consummate by roughly all age groups.

Triund has an unmistakable byway which goes through a striking mix of the forest of oak, deodar and rhododendron. Trek is moderately easy for the first five kilometers but the last one kilometer is a bit of a toil and tough trek. This last one kilometer has some “22 curves” as it has rigid and stony 22 tiring curves prior reaching the final leap of the trek to Triund.



Alongside the trail one can find many old chai shops – small one where one can find good chai and refreshing Maggie. During the hike traipse is a merit and has a panorama of snow caddied ranges, lush green meadows. Triund is breathtaking and enlivening. Your Trip to Triund can be glossed diversely.



Blessed Travelling!

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Treehouses are the ground level houses that are sexily build to appeal the travelers round the globe. At present the construction of the current tree houses as a rule begins with the formation of an inflexible stage on which the house will be set; later this stage can be inclined and potentially come up with new era formats too, maybe on a trunk or branches.

These beautiful craft works are prominent possibility for building eco-accommodating houses in remote woods ranges, on the grounds on on the trees which ideally don’t require a clearing of a sure region of woodland. The natural life, atmosphere and brightening on ground level in ranges of thick close-shade woodland is also alluring. 

A Treehouse Costing Just $4,000

Dave Herrle’s cute Treehouse

The first in the bucket list is Dave Herrle’s cute Treehouse . He is a woodworker who guaranteed his wife one inebriated New Year’s Eve that he would manufacture her tree house. So he did and it turned into their second home. The undertaking expense $4,000 and took six short weeks to develop. Herrle says, “It is a definitive getaway that fills our imagination.”


The Minutest One With Less Than a Cost of $12,000

Minutest One With Less Than a Cost of $12,000

The small house development is about all scaling back your way of life so that we can carry on with an all the more satisfying existence without a great deal of obligation hanging over your head. This tiny house will make you feel unruffled away from hussle – bussle.

A Dome-Shaped Concrete Homes Costs $3,500

dome house stoned
Dome-Shaped Concrete Homes

Dome house

These vault formed small homes are called Binishells. They are built utilizing a procedure that is like making a paper mache inflatable. For this situation, cement is poured over an overwhelming obligation pneumatic machine bladder and steel rebar. When the solid is set up, the bladder is flattened. The last result is a modest, versatile home that can face compelling conditions like quakes or magma.

dome house concrete

A Little One Again is Approximately Begins With $3,500

Joshua Woodsman pin house

In case you’re an urban tenant, who fantasizes about building your own modest summer home, then listen up. Joshua Woodsman is a modeler who needs to make your fantasy turn into a reality. He’s the author of Pin Up Houses, an organization that makes simple to-manufacture house arranges. The Cheryl Cabin appeared above is a 107-square foot summer home with a 47-square foot yard. The evaluated development costs for this magnificence is $2,900.

Cheryl-Cabin-by-Joshua-Woodsman oin house

The Transforming Tiny Home Costs a Person $500 to Assemble

Visio-Presentation Designs bkp.vsd

The Transforming Tiny Home is an 83-square foot staying fabricated by Scott Brooks for a negligible $500. To slice building expenses, he built the comfortable Pacific Northwest house of rescued materials.

Scott Brook cabin

An Isolates Treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia Take a Toll of $350 Every Night


This Treehouse is comprised of three obsolescent filled rooms joined by rope spans and it’s (shockingly) situated inside the city’s furthest reaches of Atlanta. Wake up to the sound of twittering feathered creatures and afterward take off for a day in the city.

coolest atlanta treehouse

A Geodesic Arch Lodge in Aptos, California Costs $110 Per Night

dome cabin california

This peculiar lodge sits on 10 sections of land of area for you to probe with your canine — pets are permitted! Make certain to look at the “Hummingbird Airport” on the property, where you’ll see armadas of Anna and Rufus hummingbirds snatching a nibble.


dome shaped california

A Storehouse Studio in Tyringham, Massachusetts is Offered at a Cost of $225 Every Night


You’ll feel like you’re breathing in a dream story ensuing to registering with this gorgeous chiseling studio situated on the Santarella Estate in Massachusetts.

Tyringgham Treehouse

An Exceptional Cob Cottage on Mayne Island, British Columbia (Canada) Costs $115 Per Night

tiny-mushroom-dome-cabin view

Cab Cottage Canada

Do you like the earth? Do you like adorable creatures? If yes, then this cutest of all homes will make you feel the warmth of Mother Earth. This small house is constructed with distinctive attributes and economical materials. Sheep live is the remarkable thing on the property!

Cab Cottage Canada Bedroom


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Pic 1 Indrahaar Pass Trek

The Dhauladhar is an unendingly interesting extent. This high, rough edge is sufficiently broad and sufficiently imperative both in its profile of rising and its relative closeness to the fields to be a noteworthy Himalayan range. It is a topographically dynamic district, set on a noteworthy push zone of the Indian plate. This is one of the essential and capable territories in the Himalaya where the weight cast by the Indian subcontinent plate on the Eurasian plate is at its most grounded.

Pine Trees Forest

While the Indian mass wedges itself more profound under the Asian Plate, the Dhauladhar reach is one where you can see a working topographical model of the Great Himalayan Range when all is said in done. When you cross the watershed edge of the Dhauladhar from Kangra to Chamba or the other way around, you go through each Himalayan Climato-natural belt conceivable from tropical good countries of the considerable Himalayan waterways to the sub cold squanders at the highest point of the edge.

Snow Capped Dhauladhar Ranges

Trek close by rhododendrons and oaks, and camp in a cavern makes it a best way out from the hussle-bussle.

 Triund Trail

Found 18 km from Dharmshala, Triund makes for an alluring trekking destination, with all around characterized woods trails and amazing perspectives of the whole Kangra valley. The evening’s perspective sky from Triund is a sufficient motivation to set up a portable shelter here for the night. The trek’s length makes it adept for a weekend.

Triund Trek

In spite of the fact that the trek from McLeodganj to Triund is a precarious climb of more than 1,100 meters, it is very much remunerated by invigorating strolls amongst rhododendron and oak trees. There is no shortage of eating choices as there are a few bistros in transit, similar to Magic View, Scenic View and Snowline Café.

Flora and Fauna

The town of McLeodganj (otherwise called little Lhasa) accommodates a terrific chance to encounter the lively Tibetan society. The trekking scene here is all around sorted out and one can leave on numerous treks of longer term here, in particular Indrahar Pass, Minkiani Pass, Kareri Lake and the distance to Kuarsi Pass and Mani-Mahesh. On the off chance that you have a day to extra, favor trekking from Triund till Lahesh Cave and investigate the knolls underneath Indrahar Pass.


Trek Description

This is a little and a simple trek, which should be possible either from McLeodganj or Dharamkot, which is 2 km in front of McLeodganj. The trail is 7 km from Dharamkot and passes Galu Devi sanctuary. From this sanctuary, it takes around 3 hours to reach Triund. The starting portion of the trek is a steady slope and the last 2 km from Snowline Café include a lofty climb the distance till Triund (2,975 meters).

  • Bhagsu/Dharamkot to Triund by means of Galu Devta:
  • Height: 6,184 ft to 9,760 ft
  • Separation: 7 km
  • Time taken: 3 hours


Bhagsu and Dharamkot are two towns arranged around 2 km up the edge from McLeodganj. These two can be considered street heads. The trail from Dharamkot is seemingly the more pleasant one as it trips through the thick crown of pine backwoods over the town. Stroll up through the woodland for around 15 minutes before you get to the Galu sanctuary clearing.

Triund Bornfire

There’s a little tea shop here, just underneath the holy place. From here, one trail goes south-west into the woodland to the town of Naddi. Another backwoods trail goes north-west, to the stream that plunges from Laka. The principle trail to Triund proceeds with straight past the little sanctum. The trail is a tenderly rising one, through oak shrubberies and crosses the lofty side of the Laka edge, taking after its shape. Dharamkot and Bhagsu lie straightforwardly underneath this trail.

Triund Campsite

Roughly most of the way up the trail is a profound crevasse that crosses a precarious area and rises on a rough goad. The primary Dhauladhar range goes out of perspective as you rise from Dharamkot, swings into perspective here, the pyramidal crest of Mon seeming overwhelming.

Magic View Indrahaar Pass

This whole extend is ideal for birdwatchers, as the timberlands here are truly swarming with different sorts of larks. Past the Magic View Café, the trail gets more extreme. As of right now, the Dharamkot goad of the Laka edge meets the Triund edge at right points, making a progression of steep gorges that end up in thickly lush gaps.

The trail proceeds through a progression of steep bends. It climbs the Triund edge through thick shrubberies of rhododendron and oak trees. It’s a charming, if marginally strenuous move from here to Triund in great climate. Watch your stride when it’s down-pouring, as the way transforms into mush.

 Kangra Valley

The last couple of curves bring you out of the rhododendrons and out onto the Triund edge. It’s an open verdant edge that extends a decent kilometer toward the south, before diving into the Kangra valley. There are a lot of spots to camp. You could even get a few procurements at the four tea shops here.

Kangra Valley

From Triund, wonder the faultless perspectives of Dhauladhar reaches, in particular Mun (4,610 m), Rifle Horn, Arthur’s seat and Slab (4,570 m). Water is rare and is accessible somewhere in the range of 1 km before Triund.

 Triund Sunset

The perspectives from here are superb. Toward the east, the Dhauladhar edge ascends in a progression of tops, the most conspicuous of which passes by the neighborhood name of Narwana. Beneath, falsehood the green verdant edges of Triund and just adjacent to the trail is profound lush abysses through which run the different streams that deplete the southern face of the Dhauladhar.


SnowLine Cafe

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