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Harishchandragad: A challenging trek in the Western Ghats of India

Midnight Trek To Harishchandragad Fort | Spirited Blogger

It all started with a thought to go on a midnight trek to this third highest peak in Maharashtra. One day my friend posted a message on WhatsApp saying that there is a trek to Harishchandragad fort. It’s been almost 20yrs since I did my last trek. So I thought let’s explore a new place and relive which I the travelling experiences I used to love doing when I was pretty young, as in in the college days. There were doubts in my mind that whether I will be able to do it or not as it was really long since I have done it. Keeping all doubts aside I gave it a go ahead.

We started from Cidco near Thane station from where the bus was supposed to pick all of us. We were a couple of friends who have decided to give it a try, among them there was one who is a freak traveller and keep on going to solo trip, and we were excited to take it ahead. We all started around 11:00 PM in the night from Thane station and reached around 2:30-3 early mornings to the base camp. After taking a break of around 30 minutes we all started our trek around 3:30 in the morning. The moment we started we saw fireflies all over scattered on the trees, there were plenty, and the sight of them was charismatic. They were in hundreds and it was mesmerizing to see them, in fact, for the first time in my life, I took a couple of them in my hands. Wow, that was a too cool experience which for me is tough to express in words.

Midnight Trek To Harishchandragad Fort | Spirited Blogger

We moved from there and started walking with torches in hands as it was early 4 o clock. It was so calm and quiet that you can feel the essence of the forests and feel like you can talk to the trees and enjoy the nature. We kept on moving between jungle with the rough patches where at one point came and it looked like that was impossible to cross as the rocks were steep and straight to the height, where at one side it was a deep moat and if you slipped then you are gone for life – it was dangerous, yet we pulled off by helping each other.

Midnight Trek To Harishchandragad Fort | Spirited Blogger

We moved ahead towards a Shiva temple which was pretty old where we took a halt for some time. The temple was stunning and the stones throw warmth and simultaneously a cooling feel to you. Morning sunlight came to the ray of hope and when the sun rises that first light gave such a great feeling especially when you are away from the materialistic world just with nature enjoying the forest and landscapes.

Midnight Trek To Harishchandragad Fort | Spirited Blogger


Midnight Trek To Harishchandragad Fort | Spirited Blogger

By the time we reach the top hill, it was almost 8 o clock. The moment we all looked at the view everyone’s mouth was open by seeing the beautiful and mesmerizing clouds decked with ranges. We all went speechless by the beauty of this place. Each and everyone wants to just sit there quietly for some time and get engrossed in that feeling of nature. We were there for almost 3 hrs. Sitting, relaxing and watching how the clouds change their shape and nature. After having breakfast we started again to return back to our base camp which no one wants to do, but we all have to. While getting down we stopped again at the Shiva temple. We all refilled our water bottles and that’s when we realised that the pond water was pure and cool.

Midnight Trek To Harishchandragad Fort | Spirited Blogger

Midnight Trek To Harishchandragad Fort | Spirited Blogger

Not just this we got a chance to speak with the locals and the villagers who had kiosks on the rocks offering the travellers fresh kokum drink or lemon water. By the time we reached the base camp, it was 4 o clock in the evening. We had our lunch and then we started back for Thane. The trip ends here but I’m sure no one wishes to go back. But we all were taking back some of the beautiful memories for a lifetime. We did say a goodbye to that place with a thought in mind that someday we will come again to see the beauty which has put a stamp on each and everyone’s heart.

Midnight Trek To Harishchandragad Fort | Spirited Blogger

This blog is from the pen of Ankur Jain, one of the co-traveller with us on this trek.

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Happy Travelling Guys 🙂


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Mumbai is one of the most loved and extensively featured cosmopolitan cities in the world. From Bombay to Mumbai a lot of things have changed in this city, but what this short blog will talk about the Gothic architecture and the heritage sites that lies just in the heart of South Bombay and leave a mark to every Mumbaikar and traveller coming to this city.

Street Walk Photography blog, Spirited Blogger

Mumbai has a quite mixed and complexly layered history that dates back to the East India Company’s era. This unique history was our whole idea to explore behind having this one-day event called as – street walk photography – Mumbai walk. This event was organised by a group Backpacking Budget Travelling in India.

Where we explored many old architectural buildings on south Bombay that best reflects its diverse architectural buildings and combination of many worlds and eras. One can see High Victorian to the Indo-Islamic tinge of the era in the design and architecture of these buildings.

Street Walk Photography Blog, Spirited Blogger

We all started from one meeting place from south Bombay near CSTM railway station, waited for the gang to gather and then the heritage walk began. We roam the streets and explored many iconic buildings, that has aesthetic appeal and best represents the unique offerings of Mumbai.  The art deco and modern buildings give the city its cool and fresh look. , but it’s the diverse Victorian-era structures – the neo-Gothic, Indo-Saracenic and Venetian Gothic medley – that have come to describe Mumbai and make her the showy beauty that she is. All the shapes and the designs, the spires, the tombs, the gables and the arches – everything makes for a pleasant walk through the city’s past. Let’s talk about what all we explored – though there were many but have a look at the major ones. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus), Taj Mahal Palace hotel, the Gateway of India – these live up to their reputation, and the great joys are the church, Kayani’s, Bademiya, Jimmy’s etc. etc.

Street Walk Photography Blog, Spirited Blogger

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

It is the Mumbai’s most iconic landmark, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, still functional and central to life in the city today. It is almost 130 years old building and is not just the most famous railway station in India, but also a UNESCO World Heritage site. This huge structure is an outstanding example of Victorian Gothic Revival and Indian architectural styles.  While an architectural prodigy to gaze in esteem for the tourists, this glorious building is just part of the daily commute for thousands of busy Mumbaikars.

Street Walk Photography Blog, Spirited Blogger

Mumbai High Court

The High Court of Mumbai building was built in the 1870s in early English-Gothic style. It was designed by Colonel J.A. Fuller, R.E. where blue-basalt was used as facing over the walls that were made of rubble and chunam. This colonial British-style marvel features many architectural details that amaze visitors.

Street Walk Photography Blog, Spirited Blogger



The Taj Mahal Palace

No wonder it is one of the famous and the first clear marker of the Bombay harbour until the Gateway of India was later built next to it around 20 years later. This quintessential Arabian Sea-facing hotel was built in 1903 under Jamsetji Tata and designed by architect Sitaram Khanderao Vaidya. It takes stimulus from around the world, displaying the most remarkable Victorian Gothic, Romanesque and Edwardian elements. A century later, the deluxe and archaeologically significant hotel remains unmatched among others in India.

Street Walk Photography Blog, Spirited Blogger


Gateway Of India

The Gateway Of India – Mumbai’s most significant monument was built to venerate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to the city. Representing its association with the British Raj era in Mumbai, it is also the predicament from where the last of British troops deceased the country after its independence. This Indo-Saracenic architectural display was designed by Scottish architect George Wittet, taking from Indo-Islamic, Indian and Roman inspirations. Built from yellow basalt and armour-plated concrete, the building was completed only in 1924 while its foundation stone was laid in 1911.


Street Walk Photography Blog, Spirited Blogger

Few more clicks from our amazing photographers @Anurag Kakkar @Naveena Mohan @Niraj

She is #Chiya the youngest amongst us. PC – @Anurag Kakkar

Street Walk Photography Blog, Spirited Blogger

Gothic Styled Architecture – Brilliantly Restored

Street Walk Photography Blog, Spirited Blogger

The stars of our event

Street Walk Photography Blog, Spirited Blogger

Keep reading, Keep travelling.. the world awaits you!

Be Happy 🙂

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