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Happy New Year – 2018

As soon as we all reach the end of the year and go towards a new beginning – we all have some or the other to start with and believe me the planning is absolutely meticulous and freaky at times. Well, about the resolutions for the new year there are many, as I was saying these resolutions can be damn freaky too and for few, it is all just the same.

Still, we as humans do not fall short to dream and aspire to our new beginnings. And this is not the first time we are doing this planning, every year we do the same. Many of us must be following new resolutions for every coming year, and the others must be ditching it beautifully.

Forgiveness is loving others
Forgiveness is loving others

Anyway, 2018 has arrived, and to start the year with a positive note I would like to quote something from one of my most favourite author and philosopher – Oscar Wilde ” The past is of no importance. The present is of no importance. It is with the future that we have to deal. For the past is what man should not have been. The present is what man ought not to be. The future is what artists are.”

Well, with this note, this blog will just focus on few basic things which are imperative and essential for mankind. The era we are living in is full of love, passion, sex, envy, money, power, reign, work, children, politics, relationships etc. etc. etc. But what made me write is something irrational to all the above yet connected to the core.

Forgiveness and Humanity

You must be wondering how insane this woman can be to ponder emphasis on such debatable and ambiguous issues. However, these are the foundation of your life.

We always wanted to create something or the other by our means. We want to conquer the world with what we want to do. It is true and achievable, but you need to create forgiveness in order to reach the destination. For me, the most difficult job is to create anything out of this universal force. But in the longer run, it can be beaten only by love and forgiveness.

It is exactly like beating the sharpness of a sword by the spirit.” In the saying of “Napoleon who touched upon the importance of forgiveness and its principle. That forgiveness is very creative and it certainly springs from love and passion. This is better explained like – it is the ability to admire someone’s agony and hatred to oneself while extending love and forgiveness.

Humanity liberates!
Humanity liberates!

I know it is terrible and the toughest thing in the world to forgive someone who has thrashed you by all possible means. it hurts and often haunts us till our past dies or we die. It also bullies our future and ruins our love life. Unfortunately, we tend to relive forgiveness and keep on forgetting that forgiving someone will certainly help your heart to be healthy. But by learning to live in the present, embrace us with the pain of the nuisances and then it can heal your wounds as well your loved ones who are also affected by it.

Forgiveness is to accept what has happened in the past and forget or ignore rest all. If we can practice forgiveness and avoid putting the final word to others and oneself then we can make a huge difference in our lives. That makes it a creative and a happy approach.
Let’s gear up for humanity this year

Let’s get together for a handful of humanity and restore it in our hearts and lock it forever. Many of you’ll be thinking practical and will not agree with humanity doesn’t pay you and make you rich in today’s world. This world for them needs money more rather than loving someone selflessly. Agree! we all need money to survive, but at what cost, we never think about it. It is a mad rush and race towards nowhere. Apparently, forgiveness and humanity lead you to your own Karma and a path to a peaceful life, as we all have to die one day.

Spread selfless love!
Spread the selfless love!

This world can be full of so many dark things and that’s why it’s easy to lose sight of how good humans are, naturally. With so many terrible stories in the news lately, but there’s always a hope to bring smiles on the faces of people.

Well, nothing much too write and to give “Gyan” as many people think of it quite often. Let’s be together this year and try to inculcate love and humanity in our lives this year and contribute to mankind for the world to be a better place. Take a pause and just think about it once, where are you heading this New Year. With all your New year resolutions and dreams, please take out some time to forgive all in the past and move ahead with loads of love and humanity.

New Year Blog

Trust me this world needs love, smiles, humanity, and passion. We all need love not hatred. Why not spread smiles and share some love now!! Be Selfless! Be True!


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New year 2017, we welcome every second of the New Year eve with thrill and aspirations. Every year trillions of resolutions are made in the hope to get them fulfilled. Today we are on the first day of the New Year 2017. I’m sure everyone who partied last night and the ones who didn’t have many dreams to come true in the year ahead.


Honestly, I’m a quite bad when it comes to putting or keeping the resolutions, infact I don’t make any resolutions for the New Year. I have had cruel times and hardships on the New Year few years back, making me apprehensive for resolutions. Anyway not wasting your time though, being a blogger I feel there are some New Year resolutions which every blogger should think off. Maybe I’m wrong but trying them will not harm you! Check them out!

New Year 2017 resolutions for professional bloggers!

Develop your own identity – It is very important for a blogger to develop your own unique personality which is the light in the dark for you. It’s a myth that hiding your personality gives you better coverage Ohh Noo! Please do not hide your identity, reveal it with your name and personality. Let the world know about you and your style of writing.

Sharing is caring! Never forget to share!

Good content and great ideas – As content is the only turning factor for your blog, thus follow your heart, pen down which is original and true makes sense! Create good quality content so that the reader enjoy and could relate it with the surroundings (whichever topic you chose). Always try to write something new that would indulge the reader to read and share. But in case if it doesn’t work then do not lose patience. Be smart again to understand where you went wrong and keep the pace with new technology.

Effective use of social media! Facebook Twitter   InstagramUse the best of the social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram. They work pretty cool in spreading and fetching more readers. You have to reach out to people to make them read your blog. Thus tweet daily about your blog posts and updates whichever you have in your mind. Thus this year do not ignore the power of social media with the new technology in-house.

Indulge yourself in the discussions and the comments of the reader The generous and courteous way to enhance your personal relationship online is to gratify every person whosoever, likes, shares, comments or replies on your blogposts. The only way to create or write better is to listen to your readers, “even if it is negative comment”. This develops a sense of responsibility and trustworthiness towards you. In 2017 never overlook your reader’s comments and shares. If possible indulge into polls and discussions with the help of software.

How many blogs in a week or daily? – Ideally, if you ask me posting one blog daily should be the food to search engines. In fact this is also not that great, around 2-3 daily, it depends on your competition also. Thus make sure you know how your competitors are doing and then keep the pace. You need to feed the search engines with your content so that you are not left behind.

Life is never ending so as learning! Learn new writing skills to be in the competition on the search engine. Learn new words, phrases, idioms. In reality, your writing should virtually talk to the readers. Write as much as possible so that your readers are coming back over again and again to you!


Love you all! Hope this year brings success to all the bloggers and life to your words!

Happy Blogging! Keep Reading!

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