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We recommend having 6 days to explore this route; this provides you with sufficient time to take in the tradition in each position even as no longer being rushed off your feet so that you can see the whole lot. So what follows is our suggested itinerary for your Golden Triangle experience.

Day 1: Starting in Delhi

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When you arrive in Delhi and you’ve got safely dropped your belongings off at your chosen hotel it is time to explore Delhi city tour . But there are many choices in this culturally alive metropolis so we propose starting with The Red Fort. A certainly unmissable landmark that was built in 1638; The Red Fort is awe-inspiring at any hour of the day. It is valued at noting that the fortress is closed on Mondays, so factor that into your plans.

Swaminarayan Akshardham should be subsequent up in your list as it’s a remarkable ode to Indian culture and architecture. By the point you have visible these 2 Delhi attractions it’ll be nearing late afternoon so Humayun’s Tomb is the subsequent vacation spot. Humayun’s Tomb is an extraordinary illustration of the Mughal structure and is found in attractive grounds where you can chill out as you expect to rest to your hotel after a tasty meal.

For a place to stay in Delhi we suggest The Dusit Devarana for the traveller who needs some luxury on their commute; or The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa for those who don’t wish to ruin the financial institution yet nonetheless experience alleviation in Delhi.

Day 2: Forts and Tombs

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At present, you are going for Same Day Agra Tour From Delhi, the primary sight after getting observed your resort might be Agra Fort. This UNESCO World Heritage site was built in 1565 and is still as impressive now as it was back then. Open on a daily basis the fort is comfortably accessible to acquire entrance. In case you have accomplished a tour of Agra Fort a brief trip to the Amazing Tomb of Akbar The Great is Next. One of the vital facets on show here are immaculate examples of the intricate Arts of the Mughals and are really exciting to peer up close.

Finally, see the Taj Mahal in all its splendour. As one of the vital seven wonders of the old world, it’s no mission to spend a good deal of time here; you have got to keep until sunset when the beautiful constructing is splendidly illuminated.

For a style of luxurious on your seek advice from to Agra; a stay at the Oberoi Amarvilas is compulsory. If The Oberoi Amarvilas is out of your price range then we recommend bedding down in Howard Plaza The Fern.

Day 3: Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour

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This morning you’ll savour the Taj Mahal once more, this time bathed in the wonderful mild of the morning. After taking in this individual scene it is time to consult with a different area in Agra; Itmad-ud-Daulah. This does conceal in the Taj Mahal’s shadow but continues to be a satisfactory factor to discuss with on your travels, ordinarily known as a “Jewel box” this is a beautiful addition to your commute.

You probably have received your fill of Agra it is time to head to Ranthambore countrywide Park. Upon arrival here it will be evening, so after settling into your hotel and filling up on some food we suggest relaxing in guidance in your busy day the following day.

The Oberoi Vanyavilas must be you in if you want some Safari luxurious; a less expensive option is Tiger Moon hotel. Each might be a welcome web page after a day of travel

Day 4: Bengal Tigers

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Today you will spend the day on the Ranthambore Safari, with so many extraordinary animals to peer this is definite to be a pleasing day. As one among India’s preferable sites to peer a Royal Bengal Tiger, at present will likely be considered one of your more memorable Golden Triangle commute. For the evening we heartily advocate eating at Niralo Gaon, their speciality is Rajasthani cuisine; you will now not be disappointed.

Day 5: The Pink City

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An early in these days see you depart for Jaipur. The pink city holds many delights for the traveller; might be probably the most particular is the Amber Fort. This beautiful constructing is thronged with tremendously distinctive architecture and luscious gardens. A consult with here’s an actual step back into the prior, be certain to consult with the Sheesh Mahal here. A visit to Hawa Mahal ought to be carried out in the course of your keep in Jaipur, an architecturally beautiful palace; it is going to take your breath away.

If you’re seeking a luxury lodge expertise for the period of your stay in Jaipur, then there may also be only one choice; The Raj Palace; real specialists within the trade of luxury hoteling. A just right finances alternative is The Holiday Inn.

Day 6: Complete the Triangle


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That is your final day on the Golden Triangle go back and forth; at present, you are going to travel again to Delhi and entire the Triangle. From there that you can either fly house or continue exploring the attractions and the sounds of India.


We hope this has been important for you in planning your very possess Golden Triangle Tour.



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“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. Because it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” ―Maya Angelou

These lines give me ample reasons to personify my life into a terrain of love and pain. When I see people getting resilient and grit about something, I feel Ohh, My! Is life legitimate to just one soul on this earth?

But the question is how one can be more pliant? Leaving our “so called” egos in a bin! How can we wave-off the challenges that life throws at us in-and-out, and we come out as a successor?

I tried to peep into my hard times in life, which is still not ending and finding no hope to end as well. But I looked up to the difficult situations and went to the insight of knowing how I can be resilient!

Managing emotions sounds stupid and insane. But if you know the art you are through to the life’s jungle. Thus, don’t rush, as rash decisions rarely result in positive outcomes. Resilient people remain calm and gradually act by analyzing the situation.

You know, the secret of resilience, is to be a quitter! So now you must be thinking I’m mad,

No wait!

Keep yourself busy, busy and just busy….. Ohh Yes it works! No scope for shit in life. Often people face quells of emotions and get scared, but the resilient person knows how to stay happy and busy.

Make your pain a game. Make your boring things fun and stay happy! Be resilient!

To be resilient and sticky in life, difficulties are important!


Keep sharing and spreading Love!


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Har Har Mahadev! 

रूह है तो शिव है
नहीं तो शव है …. @SpiritedBlogger 

The Bliss of life is the soul which has shiv else it’s just a matter to put to fire !!!!! 


Shiva is the gathering force! Shiva is the soul! Har Har Mahadev – means – Shiv is in every soul, every soul has GOD within! Do we know this? How many all you believe that Shiva is a GOD? Intrigued? I used to have this notion, until I read Shiva the Trilogy by  Amish Tripathi …..Although it is long I have read the trilogy, still I’m embraced with the virtues and sequences portrayed by Amish in the book.

Here, my intentions are not to break the conception and faith of people who have a colossal love for -Lord Shiva, but today being MahaShivaratri, while doing my Puja in the morning realized to pen down some words for Shiva, to suffice my love for him since childhood.

The stories associated with Shiva the Lord has been fearless, epic and epitome of the dreadlock and archetypal era. Shiva was a human like any of us who loved his wife, who lived for his nation, who did all good for his community and who was fierce in all what he did. This takes me towards the path of few legendary stories about Shiva …..


Allow My God!

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is the Destroyer in the Holy Trinity, the others being Brahma the Creator and Vishnu the Preserver. Shiva has always captivated his followers by his inimitable manifestation and outer shell – The Trimurthi, the third eye, the ash smeared all over his body, the weed and the wilderness of life away from all the social pretenses – Puts him to be one of the most proverbial Lord …

According to the grapevine,  there are some rumors and untold stories about the birth of Shiva..But some say ….Shiva is regarded as an amorphous, infinite, transcendent and ageless absolute Brahman and the primal Atman (soul, self) of the universe. Shiva has many munificent and frightening depictions in the holy books of Hinduism. In compassionate aspects, he is depicted as a preeminent Yogi who lives an abstinent life on Mount Kailash.

He is the ultimate lover as well as a householder for his Parvati (Sati) and a lovely father for his two children, Ganesha and Kartikeya. In his fierce facets he is often illustrated as slaying demons and taking the venom of the whole world to his neck, where it remained and since then he is known as Neelkanth. With so much about Shiva, he is also considered as the Yogi and the mediator who preached the message of being true to yourself and your soul.

I’m in love with Shiva since my childhood, no matter how much I write about him and talk about the untold stories which I heard from my grandparents and read in our mythological books, do not suffice the passion.


Thanks to Amish Tripathi, to bring out the whole new concept to understand Shiva more than a God with the Shiva Trilogy! The liberator, the savior, the dreadlock of evil…. Till infinity

By means of this blog, I wish everyone to divulge the soul within, applauding HAR HAR MAHADEV!

Leave a comment or contact me for more on Shiva the crafting lord of the nation!





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New year 2017, we welcome every second of the New Year eve with thrill and aspirations. Every year trillions of resolutions are made in the hope to get them fulfilled. Today we are on the first day of the New Year 2017. I’m sure everyone who partied last night and the ones who didn’t have many dreams to come true in the year ahead.


Honestly, I’m a quite bad when it comes to putting or keeping the resolutions, infact I don’t make any resolutions for the New Year. I have had cruel times and hardships on the New Year few years back, making me apprehensive for resolutions. Anyway not wasting your time though, being a blogger I feel there are some New Year resolutions which every blogger should think off. Maybe I’m wrong but trying them will not harm you! Check them out!

New Year 2017 resolutions for professional bloggers!

Develop your own identity – It is very important for a blogger to develop your own unique personality which is the light in the dark for you. It’s a myth that hiding your personality gives you better coverage Ohh Noo! Please do not hide your identity, reveal it with your name and personality. Let the world know about you and your style of writing.

Sharing is caring! Never forget to share!

Good content and great ideas – As content is the only turning factor for your blog, thus follow your heart, pen down which is original and true makes sense! Create good quality content so that the reader enjoy and could relate it with the surroundings (whichever topic you chose). Always try to write something new that would indulge the reader to read and share. But in case if it doesn’t work then do not lose patience. Be smart again to understand where you went wrong and keep the pace with new technology.

Effective use of social media! Facebook Twitter   InstagramUse the best of the social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram. They work pretty cool in spreading and fetching more readers. You have to reach out to people to make them read your blog. Thus tweet daily about your blog posts and updates whichever you have in your mind. Thus this year do not ignore the power of social media with the new technology in-house.

Indulge yourself in the discussions and the comments of the reader The generous and courteous way to enhance your personal relationship online is to gratify every person whosoever, likes, shares, comments or replies on your blogposts. The only way to create or write better is to listen to your readers, “even if it is negative comment”. This develops a sense of responsibility and trustworthiness towards you. In 2017 never overlook your reader’s comments and shares. If possible indulge into polls and discussions with the help of software.

How many blogs in a week or daily? – Ideally, if you ask me posting one blog daily should be the food to search engines. In fact this is also not that great, around 2-3 daily, it depends on your competition also. Thus make sure you know how your competitors are doing and then keep the pace. You need to feed the search engines with your content so that you are not left behind.

Life is never ending so as learning! Learn new writing skills to be in the competition on the search engine. Learn new words, phrases, idioms. In reality, your writing should virtually talk to the readers. Write as much as possible so that your readers are coming back over again and again to you!


Love you all! Hope this year brings success to all the bloggers and life to your words!

Happy Blogging! Keep Reading!

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Wow! The sight itself drives crazy! It seems like a heavenly planet over the blushing sky!  #Mrmoon is a sight in our sky (solar system) that brightens our dark nights and reminds us of infinite exploration, of our galaxies and planets– now and since ages. But the Supermoon that occurred on Monday, Nov. 14 is humongous and was principally the “SUPER” since it’s the closest full moon to Earth since 1948. According to NASA we will not see another of this size until 2034.

I could not take some great pictures of the night, just took one from #iPhone – which is not great though, but sharing few amazing shots – real ones taken by some of my photographer friends.

From My Phone


On November 13 and 14, the world witnessed the brightest supermoon in 68 years. The pictures came out to be stunningly beautiful of this ever shining planet. The term supermoon refers to a full moon that concurs with the lunar orb’s closest approach to Earth, or perigee. And the last time it was this close to the Earth was in 1948. Supermoons tend to look big and large up in the sky shining brighter than ever. The site offers a rare treat for sky gazers.

As described by NASA the event is “undeniably beautiful” and will not match until the moon makes a similar approach in November 2034. Enjoy some of the great pics of #Supermoon November 14th 2016 till you get to witness until 2034.

taj-mahal-supermoonHow closet does it go!!

It might look close, but actually it is not that near! The one which occurred on November 14th was the full moon closest for 70 years. The moon came up to 221,524 miles from Earth – almost touching distance in space terms. The closest supermoon of the whole of the 21st century will fall on December 6, 2052 next.


The rarest of all is the #Supermoon !! Whenever get a chance don’t miss this outwardly sight !! 

Keep Reading ! Sharing is Caring ! 

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